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Alternative Dispute Resolution


ADR stands for alternative dispute resolution.

It is a new way of thinking when it comes to the methods we are accustomed to using to resolve our disputes. Putting aside methods which the vast majority of us do not use, the traditional method involves going to court. We take the decision-making process out of our own hands, entrust it to others and hope that it comes out the way we want and expect. There are alternatives which many are now exploring such as mediation and arbitration and other methods of dispute resolution.

ADR is a positive step in giving participants a voice in the resolution of disputes.

* You participate in choosing your neutral.
* You have the opportunity to preserve valuable relationships.
* You preserve your right to privacy and confidentiality.
* You retain the flexibility to walk away from the process and pursue your rights in court.
* Alternative dispute resolution is endorsed by the courts and by the Law Society of Upper Canada.

"There is a time and a place for everything" - even for going to court.

Ask yourself a few questions:

* Are you involved in a dispute that might require legal action?
* Has someone recently threatened to take you to court?
* Are you currently involved in a law suit?
* How much time and energy is this really costing you?
* Could your time, energy and financial resources be better spent?
* Is the legal action going to affect important relationships?
* Are you generally frustrated and overwhelmed by it all?
* Are you any closer to a resolution or settlement?
* Are you aware that there are other possibilities for resolving disputes?

If you have a lawyer, ask what other alternative dispute resolution methods are available to address your concerns, interests, needs and most importantly, help resolve your dispute. Otherwise ask us what services we can provide you.

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